Membership Rulesn
& Regulations

As a professional golf club, we always instill best practices to all our members. We do trainings that conforms to the standard procedures in routine manner.

Sporty Golf

With the memberships, you enjoy sporty golfing among other privileges'. This allows you to visit all our branches countrywide.


We always strive to ensure that professional attitudes are instilled to all our members at all time.

Sport Spirit

We instill sport spirit to all our golfers. We enjoy every bit of the golfing and offers training to all our new members.


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5 Stars Golf Course
for VIP Members

Our Gold membership allows for exclusive privilege's in the golf arena.You will get to play 7 hole golf course and attend to top tournaments.Check our minimum requirements below.

How To Apply

You can simply join our team of professional members by subscribing to our norms and procedures.You can visit our Kileleshwa branch or just send us your request information.We shall reach out to you within 1 hour..

Incoming events 2023

We shall be having tournaments starting on February,with trainings for new members ongoing every weekend.Once a member joins Silver memberships,he will be open to some previledges

Interview Face to Face

In case you are interested in becoming our gold member,we always have a face to face interview to ensure that our members are top notch. We have done this for years and the outcome is just amazing.

Upcoming Events

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